Born in Essen // diploma in fashion design, Hochschule Pforzheim // worked as a designer at several renowned fashion houses // dreamer // tour guide for journeys of visual meditation, studied at Akademie Gesundes Leben, Bad Homburg // advanced training at Kunstakademie Augsburg// Kunstakademie Hohenaschau, with the sculptor Max Wagner // studio project Munich // art foundry Hofmeister, Berg // painting Ninon Vogelsamen, Munich // has worked as an independent artist since 2005 in sculpture, painting // researcher in emotions // course instructor relaxation for children // teaching courses in small bronze sculptures // since 2013 Initiator of the studio days in Waldtrudering-Munich // since 2016 a yearly evening salon // lives and works in Munich

Thoughts and acts

My work begins at the point where creativity and emotions commence.
The work is playing with the magic of imagination that has lived in our soul during childhood. I remain convinced that it is till inside every adult. Maybe more in some and less in others. It is simply well-concealed or forgotten!
All the same there is an infinite potential held in that place, a potential of self-perception and self-knowledge. Only if you know yourself you can believe in your own life and treat it peacefully.
For years my passion has been emotional art.
While I work on sculptures or paintings – and not only then – I prize dreams more highly than reason. This allows me to depict an invisible reality that invites the viewer on a journey of appreciating humanity.
You could also say: My sculptures and paintings have a soul! Mostly I use bronze and oil colours. Both are timeless and valuable materials. Sometimes the process of creation happens in the blink of an eye; sometimes it takes months and months.
Always the result endures – eternally.

A.M. 2017


MKG - 1868 königlich priv. Münchener Künstlergenossenschaft
Sculpture network
Ottobrunner Kunstverein


since 2013  Initiator Open Ateliers Waldtrudering /
since 2016  Initiator Evening salons with exhibitions, literature, music and drama
since 2017  Charity Projekt Nepal ( Non-Profit Project )

Public purchase


Blow soap bubbles.
Listen to a bird.
Take responsibility because you want to.
Go see a circus.
Plant a flower.
Let some joy into your soul.
Dream up your own flying carpet.
Be glad; be sad; be thoughtful.
Trust in your own confidence.
Define your goal.
Play with children.
Dare to err.
Treat yourself to some latitude.
Take a walk in the sun.
You do not have to know everything already.
Turn out the light at night and listen to the silence.
Allow yourself to drift.

A.M. 2012